How to protect yourself once salons reopen after lock-down?


On New Year’s Eve, no one could imagine the worldwide break out of COVID-19. It affects the complete system of everyone’s lives.

The lockdown catastrophe made some people miss their salons while some are getting their haircuts by experimenting with their skills.

As salons like Inland Empire Bridal Hair have shut down during the pandemic period, everyone is happy with the uplifting news coming from authorities to reopen the salons. To meet the needs of people, there are too many precautions you have to take before going for a perfect haircut for yourself after lockdown.

In Germany, the head of the Hairdressing Association told TV news program Tagasschau that customers would be able to briefly unloop the face mask from their ears and hold the mask over their mouth.

In this pandemic period, we are all thinking about getting a haircut. Many people have shared pictures and videos of their hair transformation going viral on social media. Some were successful at trim their hair while some lose to do it.


We are fighting against COVID-19 till now. There are some necessities to reopen salons after lockdown to flourish our economy. In any case, the principal question arises of how to ensure yourself once salons reopen after the lockdown venture.

Your salons are changing over their typical outlook in transforming ways. As salons are always dealing with an intimate environment, it is very tough to handle close contact.

“It’s like opening a brand new salon. It’s a new era”, said colorist Maris Dowling, who reopened the salon on 26th April after the shutdown.

The post-lockdown sessions, beauty salons sustain the protocols. The overall danger of Coronavirus has left this industry closing down for quite a while.

Everyone has to follow P-R-O-T-E-C-T principles.

P – Preventive measures

R – Remove germs

O – Observe.

T – Take hand sanitizer

E – Ensure hand washing frequently.

C – Contain nothing and avoid germs

T – Touching is not allowed

Here are some tips to safeguard you. Let’s take a look.

  • There will be no waiting areas and no magazines as well to pass your time at salons. You have allowed only with your face masks and glove as preferable.
  • There should be a proper sanitization procedure for both customers and salon experts. You have to sanitize your hands correctly.
  • The authorities issue bulletin to keep a safe distance of 1.5m between customers and experts. You have to maintain the distance for yourself and also for the others
  • There should be no face to face talking as the rules don’t allow it. All the communication must be from a safe distance, and the tasks must be shown via a mirror.
  • You have to be careful that your salon personal must-have gloves in their hands to keep the safeguard minimum.
  • The new rules of social distancing urge you to maintain a safe distance from other people coming to the salon from different areas.
  • Apart from wearing masks and keep a safe distance, you are asked to wash your hands frequently as possible.
  • You are not allowed to touch anything in the salon, not even your chair.
  • As there is a cash transaction in salons, you must be extra careful while playing.
  • You must book an appointment in your flexible timing to avoid the gathering. Some salons are offering only 30-35% of average capacity.
  • Some salons offer a mandatory temperature check, and you have to pass through this stage; otherwise, you will be refused service.
  • Use disposable hand towels and napkins while using the bathroom. Throw these napkins into the bins.

The rules of social distancing affect the regular working pattern of salons. They can’t serve customers like the past. Most of the companies plan to allow extra time after each client has their services. They are also thinking to split their staff into different shifts to avoid gathering after the shutdown period.

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