What to do in Monsoon storm? – Storm Survival Guide

Monsoon Survival Guide

Have you ever face a monsoon storm? If you not and think this is just like an ordinary thunderstorm, then trust me, you are very wrong. It can turn deadly and can cause severe damage. So, how can we define a monsoon storm? It is a large-scale weather pattern that is characterized by violent thunderstorms, dust winds, microbursts, and tornadoes due to the shift in the wind direction in a particular region.

Monsoon Survival Guide

Even though you can’t easily see the signs of the upcoming monsoon storm, you can be prepared beforehand with a list of few things as mentioned below.

What to do before the monsoon storm?

Take care of your trees: Once the monsoon storm starts, the main reason for the damage to our properties is due to the falling of the trees. So it is advised to trim the thick branches of your trees.

Check on the soil: Check the moisture content of the ground by using a screwdriver. If the sand is oversaturated, make it a little dry to reduce the risk of flooding.

Pack the necessary things: Storm comes with a power cut. So prepare the required items such as water, first aid kit, packed food, flashlights, batteries, power packs for mobile and medications.

Check the roof, windows, and doors: Make sure that these things in your house can withstand the intensity of the storm. If not, replace it as soon as possible. A secure room is just a fortified shelter for drains or intrusions. As this is sometimes costly, the option would be to simply recognize the safest room at house. Ideally, that is clearly a space without windows and furniture.Should you require assistance during and following a storm, then enroll with a special needs refuge in your region. To enroll, call your county emergency operations center.

What to do during the monsoon storm?

If you are in the middle of the monsoon attack, STAY INSIDE as much as possible. Don’t get near any electrical appliances to avoid electrocution. Listen to the radio for any official news from the authorities regarding the information on tornadoes or floods in your area.

If you face the monsoon storm while you are driving, our best advice is to pull over the vehicle and wait till the storm passes. It is a bad idea to continue driving through the storm due to the dust and rain.

If you are outdoors during the storm, make sure you get a shelter immediately to avoid any injuries.

What to do after the monsoon storm?

Monsoon Survival Guide

  • Communicate t your family and friends to check upon them. Let them you are fine and ask if they need any help.
  • Remove the dust, which is a result of the violent storm. You need to wash your air and clean your pool before getting in. You might also want to check on the air conditioner as it would be blocked with excess dust and dirt.
  • Give information on the flooded areas near you to the officials through the given contact information.
  • Don’t play or drive on the floodwater as it’s not safe due to the presence of pathogens and debris in it.

The only good thing is the storm rushes and doesn’t stay in a single place for a long time. Although you are prepared for the storm, you can’t escape from it even without a little damage.

The monsoon storm would affect the exotic locales with its sudden rage rainstorm and violent lightning and also show the same disaster effect in various regions. We can somehow predict the monsoon storm but can’t control it. So buckle up and follow the precautions mentioned above to stay safe with your friends and family.

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