Poker On Betist- A Common Man’s Ascension To the Throne

One advertisement that we all have encountered while browsing their time on the internet is the poker ad. It could be while playing video games, or scrolling through the tabloids it is a sure way to catch your attention. What is the story behind how this gaming culture make it’s way into daily lives?

The history of the game of poker

Poker was all over the world across the globe, from the deserts that lie in Australia up to valleys in the Himalayas and beyond, the millennium-year poker game is believed be rooted in China. It is believed to have been a direct descendant of an ancient traditional game called dominoes of ten cards which was a privilege at the disposal of Chinese Emperors. There were middle-eastern-based theories discussed the poker game was an enhanced version of the Persian card game dubbed “As Nas”.

It is an European variation of Poker:Poker Poque was the variant which started the rise of popularity for the game. The French began playing the game around the 19th century. It gradually spread to the French colonies, and became a popular sport, particularly throughout North America. The popularity of the game grew when it took a trip across the Missippi river along with Civil War soldiers. Sepoys from both sides bet heavily and the pattern lasted through the war period when even the late queen Victoria was interested playing the game. Although in the Victorian period “poque” was considered to be a game of low status for men who were not considered to be aristocratic but as time passed, the game began to be played into the clergy as well as other super-elites.The suffrage movement used the game, as women began to take to it to show that they were the same as men.

Poker of the present:

Poker is still considered to be a very vulgar game, which is defended because the majority of players are either spoilt brats or unemployed people with no obligation to carry the burden of their actions. But, it’s unjust to ban it because those who play the game aren’t fit in any kind of box.

While the game of betist does have its some luck, in the short-term but the game requires continuous concentration for hours. The longest poker match ever played lasted 8 years, five months and 3 days, every day, 7 every day of the week! As much as retaining the style and confidence of one’s opponent throughout the whole duration is an important thing but being able to maintain their calm is an extremely important element of poker. There are times when the stakes of poker can be extremely high, and carrying such an immense weight on your chest can be a very stressful experience. Therefore, in any way, poker isn’t an uninformed game.

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