Follow These Easy Steps To Download YouTube Videos

YouTube is a treasure house of amazing content and one might want to save or download some of them to view them again. Youtube downloader is very useful in this case. To do so, one has to pay a premium price to download the videos. What if you don’t have to pay a premium and at the same time download YouTube videos as well?

Here are some easy hacks that will help you do the same:

Steps for the same:

  • Open youtube in your web browser and open the video you would like to download. Use the search bar for the same.
  • Click on the share icon. It is placed right below the video.
  • Choose the option copy link. It is blue. This step will copy the link to the clipboard.
  • Enter the URL for the website you want. If you want, you can open it in the same browser.
  • Right-click on the enter link. This option is located at the top of the website page.
  • Click on the paste option.
  • Almost instantly, the web page will show the option of download now. Click on it and choose the format you would like to see the video. For the best quality, choose the blue one – Best.
  • Select the folder you would like it to save your video and you are done. You are now free to revisit the video whenever you want.

Players and other websites:

Few websites are completely free and are more than a mere downloading platform. It does not contain viruses, ads, and does not require any plug-ins. However, the platform does for registration through one’s email and name. Open the web page and paste the URL of the YouTube video you would like to download. Click on the gear icon, go to the show button and check out the formats offered in WebM format.

If you opt for 227 MB WebM test, it will take a lot of time. One can download the playlists but it will take a long time. Make sure that the download setting is set to one video at a time because the confusing interface will affect the quality of the videos.


There are helper websites that do not require any software downloads. They do all the download work, provide the conversion link and one does not have to install anything on one’s PC. It can take a long time but it is worth the time and waits. It is simple to use them.

Copy and paste the youTube link; select the format you would like to download the video in. Once selected, the site will provide the download link. Click on the link and choose the folder you would to save the video in.

However, one is advised to practice caution when it comes to suing such websites as they might plant harmful bugs in your device and compromise the security of your sensitive data. Take heed of the warnings thrown up by the browser or your gut feelings.

Using third-party apps is illegal to download YouTube videos and if detected, the person will be charged copyright infringement.

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