Can we use Random Orbital Sanders to Polish a Car?

Random Sanders

When it comes to cars, everyone becomes extra vigilant. The ones who had a dream of buying their favorite car, and somehow manage to fulfill their dream, look after the cars as their children. And when it comes to children, every parent makes sure that the child must excel in everything.

Similarly, every car holder wishes to make his car look attractive amongst others. Maintenance of things guarantees the long life of the item. The same goes for automobiles. A polished car attracts the gaze of many. Best Random orbital sander can assist you in polishing your car, similar to a workshop finish.

The utmost care that must be taken is regarding variable speed options, proper attachments, and appropriate pads for polishing. Also, it would help if you moderated your pressure on the device to get a perfect finish. It’s very easy and comfortable to use.

Now that we have gone much deeper into the conversation, we will now see the steps involved in polishing the car using a Random Orbital Sander.

Random Sanders

  1. The first step is make sure that the sander which you are going to use is in proper condition, this is to check the safety of the device, and it applies to all the equipment before starting any work.
  1. After this, you ought to check the working state of the sander. For that attach a Buffing pad and apply polish in a dot-like contour on the entire surface of the pad.
  1. After that you need to apply polish all over the working area. Once the sander is started, there are chances that the polish might fly off. So, press the buffing part all over the surface and spread the polish.
  1. Now that the polish is evenly spread over the surface of the working area and some amount is still retained on the pad. Turn on the sander and adjust the speed settings to medium speed.
  1. The polishing work has finally begun. Considering the work area, you need to operate slowly on small parts and utmost care while applying pressure. The pressure applied should be just that you hear sander change pitch.
  1. Once you start the sander, you need to take some precautions. One is that you should move your sander back and forth over the surface, such that the unpolished gaps will be prevented and it will polish the surface better due to overlapping.
  1. At a stage, you will be satisfied with your polishing work. Now you need to change the pad to finishing pad and finishing compound and complete the finishing.
  1. Still, if you have not obtained the desired result, you can change it to a more hostile pad and complete polishing.

At this moment we know the steps of polishing a car with the help of Random Orbital Sander. But, we still need to take some points into account.

Why prefer Random Orbital Sander over any other sander while polishing a car?

Any standard Sander will leave unsightly marks that are not at all preferred by any user. Orbital sander ensures that you get a random circular motion which is essential to get a proper finish. They are accompanied by a lock and unlock feature, which increases the efficiency of the work. This makes the complete finishing professional and pleasing. Random orbital Sanders has a variable speed that ensures that you get the desired outcome. The preferred range is from 1500 to 4000 opm.

So, now that you know how to use your Sanders for car polish, you also need to know that the result is affected by the time you out in, your efforts, and your experience.

So, get ready and commence your job.

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