Some of the most Surprising Health Benefits of Honey

Benefits of Honey

Benefits of Honey

Do you know how ancient Egyptians treated their wounds? Or how did our old Ayurvedic doctors treat indigestion and imbalance in the body when there was no concept of medicine? All of them used honey as their medicines. Even the carved paintings of around 8000 years ago prove the use of honey in humans. So, don’t you wonder what made this sweet liquid so famous even among those ancient people? Why did they all make such a fuss about a fluid made by some tiny honey bees? There must be something about that liquid. Come, let’s unleash that mystery within.

Raw honey was used as a folk cure during the history and features an assortment of health benefits and healthcare applications. It’s even utilized in certain hospitals as a cure for wounds. A number of those health benefits are specific to raw, or honey.

The majority of the honey that you see in supermarkets is pasteurized. The heat kills undesired yeast, which can enhance the coloring and feel, removes any crystallization, also extends the shelf life span. A number of beneficial nourishment have been also destroyed in the procedure.

Honey is a sweet and thick liquid produced by honeybees using the nectar of various flowers. As it is a byproduct of plant compounds, it is a natural powerhouse enriched in compounds like glucose, sucrose, maltose, fructose, and contains several other beneficial organic compounds like antioxidants, organic acids, flavonoids, etc.

So, it’s quite natural that honey has quite a large number of health benefits that have been serving the human race for centuries. So, it’s time we discover how honey can help us and enrich ourselves.

Benefits of Honey

Benefits of Honey:

  • Honey helps to heal wounds and burns:

Since the time of ancient Egyptians, honey has been used to treat wounds and burns. According to scientists, honey’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects have been beneficial to heal partial thickness burns and cure malodorous wounds that became infected after surgery. Another study suggested that the powers of honey have been able to cure 97% of patients with diabetic foot ulcers antimicrobial properties of honey help to remove the odor from wounds and speed up the recovery by killing the germs and regenerating the tissues in the wounded region. It can also heal psoriasis and herpes lesions.  

  • Gives natural relief from cough and cold:

A spoonful of honey helps to reduce coughing and improves the quality of sleep at night.

  • Improves Brain functions and memory:

The Polyphenols present in honey helps to boost our memory and concentration. Honey reduces our metabolic stress soothing our brain, which ensures that we have our memory support in the long run. Moreover, the consumption of honey improves our brain morphology, which in turn upgrades various memory functions.

  • Natural Powerhouse:

Enriched in natural sugars like fructose, glucose, and maltose, honey can give us quick energy by improving our exercises. 

  • Helps to manage weight:

Consuming a spoonful of honey every night before sleeping helps to burn body fat. If we consume honey with warm water in an empty stomach early in the morning, it increases our metabolism that helps to reduce weight.

  • Improving skin and hair:
  1. A combination of milk and honey is the key to smooth and beautiful skin.
  2. Honey helps to reduce dandruff, which in turn reduces hair fall.
  3. It nourishes dry hair giving a soft and sleek look to it.
  4. Honey helps to heal cracked lips in the time of winter.
  • Good natural antioxidant:

With natural antioxidants, honey fights against viruses, bacteria, and fungi and prevents infections caused by them, thus boosting up our immunity. Its nutraceuticals help to remove free radicals from our body and to avoid damage to cells. The antioxidants present in honey help to reduce blood pressure.

  • Honey can replace sugar in the diet of diabetic patients.
  • Honey helps to prevent Eczema, Dermatitis, and Arthritis.

So, let’s add honey to our daily lifestyle and lead a healthy life.

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